Watson McDaniel Steam Traps

A steam trap is a special purpose valve which opens when condensate is present and closes when steam tries to pass thru it. The ultimate purpose of the steam trap is to allow the Condensate (water formed when steam condenses) and air to be discharged from the steam system while preventing the loss of live steam.

CONDENSATE (water): Any time steam releases its latent heat energy, the steam converts back into liquid. This water is referred to as condensate. This transformation of steam to condensate will occur in a radiator heating a room, a heat exchanger making hot water, a pipe transferring steam over long distances, or any other process that uses steam.

AIR: Before the steam is turned on, and the system is cold, air will exist in all of the pipes and process equipment, such as radiators and heat exchangers. This air must be removed from the entire system to allow the steam to enter and reach its intended points of use.


PDF Download: Watson McDaniel Steam Trap Specs