Model 325U Y-Blow Off Valve

Model 325U Y-Blow Off Valve

United Brass Works

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Complies with MSS-SP-80-2013
Class 300
Non-Shock Service
100% Pressure Tested
Threaded Ends
Rising Stem
Swivel Disc Holder
Seat & Disc 400-500 Brinnell Stainless Steel
Max Pressure 390 PSI @ 500 F
Max Pressure for Boiler Blow-Off 312 PSI

Care must be taken in blow off piping so that no water hammer effect causes shock to the “Y” blow off valve, especially in cases where a boiler has two blow-off lines. In such cases both lines should be piped to a common set of blow off valves or each blow off line should be piped separately to the blow down separator. Excessive water hammer or shock can destroy valves and piping and could cause injury.

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