EHC Exhaust Head

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The EHC Series Exhaust Heads made from Ductile Iron, are used to separate entrained water and particles from steam prior to being discharged directly to the atmosphere. Typically used to eliminate water damage to rooftops and other equipment.

How It Works

Exhaust heads use the cyclonic effect where the velocity of the steam is used to generate centrifugal motion that whirls the steam and throws the entrained water to the wall of the unit where it is released to a drain below. Correct sizing of exhaust heads for steam service is important in order to assure the highest possible desiccation of the steam.

Installation and Maintainance

Exhaust Head must be installed at the top of a vertical vent pipe. Exercise standard piping and structural practices when installing this unit. Proper drainage of the exhaust head is essential for proper operation. Pipe the drain Connection of the exhaust head to a roof gutter or down spout.


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