EJECT-LM Ejector

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EJECT-ELL perform a variety of functions depending upon the applicatio, using water as the motive fluid.  See performance charts on the following pages. Applications include: exhausting, agitating, aerating,  circulating, and mixing.

Catalog Spec Sheet (pdf)

I&M (pdf)

***Model EJECT-LM can be used with only Liquid as the Motive Inlet


• No moving parts
• Can be used with water or steam pressure
• Submersible
• Available in cast iron or bronze

How It Works

Using water, steam or air pressure as the motive force, ejectors operate on the principle that a high velocity flow through a nozzle will create a pressure drop in the area around the nozzle discharge. The resulting vacuum will induce flow into the secondary inlet of the ejector.

Installation and Maintenance

It is always desirable to keep the Ejector as close to the actual liquid being pumped as possible. The maximum height the liquid can be pumped depends upon the pressure of the “motive” liquid or steam available. Please refer to the capacity graphs for maximum flow rates and maximum achievable heads.

The maximum height that water or any liquid with a specific gravity of 1 can be lifted is 25 feet. Increases in the temperature of the liquid being lifted will cause this maximum height to decrease. Pumping liquids in excess of 130°F is not recommended. Please consult factory with any specific application.

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