Watson McDaniel HD Regulator- PP Series Pressure Pilots

Watson McDaniel HD Regulator- PP Series Pressure Pilots

Watson McDaniels

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The PP & PP5 Pressure Pilots are used with the HD Regulator to control steam pressure in steam mains or for process equipment. Pilot-operated regulators maintain constant downstream pressure even when the inlet pressure to the valve fluctuates or steam usage varies. The PP-Pressure Pilot is adequate for controlling pressure in most industrial applications. For increased accuracy use the PP5 Pilot.


  • The PP-Pilot can maintain downstream pressure to ±1 PSIG
  • PP5-Pilot can maintain downstream pressure to ±0.5 PSIG
  • Choices of three overlapping pressure ranges
  • Pilot is easily installed on pilot adapter using four bolts, no tubing connections are required
  • Full port strainer and blowdown valve on pilot adapter for protection of pilot from dirt and scale
  • Solid floating diaphragm is more failure resistant
  • Watson McDaniel's pilots can be used with other manufacturers’ regulators


  • Pressure pilot can be used with temperature pilot to eliminate the need for two separate regulators
  • Solenoid pilot can be added for remote on/off control of regulator

Controlling Pressure: The PP and PP5 Pilots are both spring-adjusted pressure pilots. The PP-Pilot is used on typical general purpose pressure reducing applications. The PP5-Pilot is used when higher accuracy is required and is capable of maintaining a control pressure window of less than 1 PSI.

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PDF Download: PP Series Spec Sheet

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