WCIS Air/Steam Moisture Separator

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The WCIS Series Air/Steam Moisture Separators are used for the removal of entrained liquid or solids from steam.

Catalog Spec Sheet (pdf)

Product Overview

• On steam mains, as a drip station ahead of steam pressure reducing or temperature control valves
• On the steam inlet to laundry presses and other process equipment which require dry saturated steam
• On the compressed air supply to sensitive instruments and before filters


• Removes 99% of all particles > 10 microns in size
• Optimal gravity discharge
• Long-lasting cast iron construction

How It Works

When a vapor entrained with moisture enters the steam separator, a series of baffles change its flow direction several times. During the process, the baffles in the housing collect impinged water droplets that are carried in the vapor. Gravity causes the accumulated water droplets and other foreign particles to fall to the drain and exit through an external trap. This allows clean, dry vapor to exit at the outlet of the separator.

Installation and Maintenance

Install in a horizontal pipeline with the drain directly below the line. Recommended trap is a continuous draining float operated type.

The trap at the separator drain should be serviced periodically according to the manufacturer’s instructions. The separator itself requires no maintenance.

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