WSPV Scald Protection Valve

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The WSPV Scald Protection Valve is used to protect personnel from accidental scalding by over-heated water or other liquids. Installations such as eye-wash stations and safety showers can  become over-heated by piping exposed to solar radiation or a heat exchanger malfunction.

Catalog Spec Sheet (pdf)

I&M (pdf)


• Corrosion resistant stainless steel body
• Long service life
• Narrow temperature band
• System pressures will not affect opening temperature

How It Works

When water temperature rises above 95ºF, the thermal actuator modulates the valve open. If the water exceeds 105ºF, the valve will go to full open position in order to discharge the over-heated water. When the water temperature returns to 95ºF, the thermal actuator modulates the valve to close.

Installation and Maintenance

Unit should be installed in a vertical orientation with flow direction downward. For full details, see Installation and Maintenance Manual.